Subject: "Yeah. So you're from the Potterverse, then?"
Posted on: 2017-02-18 04:15:51 UTC

Miguel smiled. "My mom and her friends liked those books a lot more than I did. One of them, I don't remember her name, always spent the entire day the new books came out reading them no matter what else we were doing. Mom swears she even read them at the pool!" He laughed, remembering him and Brenda trying (and failing) to convince the woman to swim with them. "I wonder if she remembers that, too? The jump to HQ kinda played havoc with our personal timelines...but that's a story not suited for speed dating."

((That thing Miguel mentions is based on what my mom and her best friend did with the books IRL. By the way, I saw a Tumblr post either today or yesterday with a headcanon that Harry is multiracial; the post cited his hair and the whole "Lily brought shame to our family by marrying James" thing as evidence. Your thoughts?))

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