Subject: Jon was now quite sure that if he had eyes, he'd be crying.
Posted on: 2017-02-28 22:47:17 UTC

Here he was, a Myrddraal, a being used to frighten children, a thing that struck terror into the hearts of men--and she was worried about him. "N-No," he managed, sounding a bit choked. "No, he's--he hasn't been bothering me. Has anyone ever told you that you are remarkable?"

He felt his card shift and fizz in his pocket. He groaned. "Oh, no, Lou, it--my card wants me to go." He pulled it from his pocket, glaring at it. If looks could kill, the card would be fine, because he had no eyes to look with. But if anger could kill, the card would be a small pile of whimpering ash.

He read the new directions, then stuffed the card back into his pocket, anger turning to misery. No one else in this room would be half so kind as Lou, he was sure.


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