Subject: Oooh, Fade! Lou thought.
Posted on: 2017-02-23 02:02:24 UTC

Those sounded like magical, beautiful things - pacifistic creatures of goodness and holiness, possessed of blood that acts as a sort of reverse-acid, healing all things it touches. What luck! Lou was glad that she had abandoned whatever it was she had abandoned in order to sit here, doing this, instead.

'Oh, that?' she said, looking from Jon to Duane, Duane to Jon. 'Oh. Well, Duane just doesn't like people, so he only talks to them when he needs to, and he only needs to talk to people when he wants to say something mean or stupid to me.' She paused briefly in consideration. 'But sometimes people don't hear him and they think I'm crazy. But, gosh, I don't think I am. Duane would tell me if I was crazy!'

She tilted her head, looking straight at Jon's sunglasses. Her smile was unnervingly relaxed. 'Gosh. Where are you from?' she asked, half-certain it may have been somewhere in Russia. Russia seemed the kind of place to have Fades. Russia seemed like the kind of place where people had inhuman-feeling hands, and where Duane would feel immense, deep terror. She would have been very surprised if it wasn't Russia.

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