Subject: "We--" The cervitaur shuddered.
Posted on: 2017-02-21 12:16:57 UTC

"Augh!" She squeezed her eyes shut and found her head jolting forward, narrowly missing bashing Lady Alleb with her antlers. Oh, Void, what was so painful? Why was she hurting? She felt like... like that time she'd tried to fix the Casstech and had been royally shocked. All her muscles were quaking; it was almost all she could to to stay upright.

(She, ah. I haven't actually thought about that much. I've been meaning to write a slightly-extended document detailing how she and Lu met, some memorable moments from a smattering of universes (actual badfics optional), and sort of generally fast-forward to when C comes in. I may go back and write a few missions from 'before' eventually, but... well.)

(Also, how long have they been talking?)

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