Subject: Something in Bingle's eyes brightened.
Posted on: 2017-02-16 21:43:32 UTC

His smile widened, his wrinkles seemed to smooth, somewhat. He looked, for a brief moment, like he was one-thousand or so years younger. 'A flope! Oh, a flope! Wonderful things. You see, you see, we have slopes,' he said, gesturing to the left as if there was a slope there (there wasn't.) 'And what happens with a slope, is that you walk forward along an incline, and you go up-' He gestured up. 'Or down-' He gestured down.

'But, see, a flope - flope is short for "five-dimensional slope."' He gestured away, leaking enthusiasm. 'Which means that you walk forward along an incline, and you can go up-' He gestured up. 'You can go down-' He gestured down. 'Or left-' He gestured left. 'Or backwards-' He gestured behind himself. 'Or to Cambodia!' He gestured towards where he thought Cambodia was. 'Anywhere you please, a flope can take you!'

'Remarkable, isn't it?!' he said, leaning in. 'You wouldn't be interested in learning more, would you? I'm quite a good mentor, if I do say so, I haven't had a single student go completely mad, you know! Not even one! Not once, you know!'

((This is where I slink into a corner and hide as everyone who half understands maths comes in, brandishing machetes.))

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