Subject: Abashed at Thoth's rebuke,
Posted on: 2017-11-12 23:21:05 UTC

Jenni withdrew completely, like a luminous green and blue anemone retreating into its dark column. She wouldn't have let anything bad happen, but he was right; she had no excuse to be projecting all over the place like a neonate. Cut off and alone in her mind again, she felt diminished, but at his ending words she raised her eyes, and their liveliness had returned.

"You're not so bad yourself," she said, smiling. "I'd say 'any time', but I'm under some pretty tight restrictions here. This was probably a once-off thing." She sighed and turned to Derik. "How's it feel?"

He'd been flexing his hand, testing it out, and he nodded. "Still numb, of course, but moving well. Strong. Thank you, friends. I am unworthy of you." At Charlotte's remark, he added, "The next time I do something that stupid, I'll come to Ix first, and spare everyone else a repeat performance." Even he wasn't sure how much he meant it.

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