Subject: Miguel and Violet were having a blast on the dance floor.
Posted on: 2017-11-01 01:48:20 UTC

"Thriller, thriller night! So let me hold you tight and share a killer, thriller, yow~!" Miguel sang along, doing his best to moonwalk. "I'm gonna thrill you tonight~"

Violet, wearing Wonder Woman's iconic leotard-boots-bracelets-tiara ensemble and a black wig, stopped doing the memetic zombie dance and cleared her throat. "Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighborhood..."

"It's 'y'all's neighborhood,' get it right." Miguel gave her an annoyed look.

"And whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down/Must stand and face the hounds of hell and rot inside a corpse shell," she continued. "Yeesh, I feel like I'm summoning Hades. No wonder he got Vincent Price to do this part."

"This is one of many reasons why I love Halloween," said Miguel with a grin. "When else do you get to see Wonder Woman doing the Thriller dance?"

"I would assume the outtakes of her latest film, Mr. Bond." Violet returned his grin. "Oooh, here comes the cool part of the monologue! And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver..."

"For no mere mortal can resist..."

"The evil...of the Thriller!" they intoned. They then high-fived as Vincent Price's evil laugh echoed from the speakers.

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