Subject: Tom shrugged.
Posted on: 2017-10-26 23:27:55 UTC

"'s your funeral. Take it in sips and you just might make it. Don't gulp, and don't get cocky. You're pressuring your defects here - breaking down is inevitable." He grinned. "Anyways, Thoth?"

Tom produced two glasses, and Thoth, giving a glare that could cut stone to Gall, poured some of the liquid into each. "I feel that you would work well with those I came dressed as. A pity then: I am not them. However, the necessity of Bleeproducts in our line of work means that I have learned to drink like them." He casually took a glass and quickly downed it.

((You've read Prospero Burns? I've been meaning to get to that. Newbie that I am, I've not read many of the novels yet. I started with A Thousand Sons (for reasons that should be obvious), and I was working my way through the Ahriman books when Real Life happened. Crimson King is sitting on my floor right now.

What? I like to be informed about my faction! :-D. It helps that McNeil is pretty good usually from what I can tell, and that John French nailed everything that makes Ahriman great - a fact he managed to convince me of over the course of a two page introduction. I suppose I'll see if his writing can match.))

((And yes, Gavin - that is, Miracle of Sound: he's a one-man band - is awesome. Tom agrees with this statement. Anyone up for Spot The Reference? :-D))

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