Subject: Another couple just had entered.
Posted on: 2017-10-22 17:40:24 UTC

Richard Legard was wearing a black trench coat with a gray collared shirt, black trousers, dark brown Cuban heeled boots, and a pair of red gloves. He also had a white bird-shaped mask with a black design around the eyes. The ensemble was pretty much out of a Disguise Generator. Marina Nicodelli had traded her black coat for a brown trenchcoat, the silver crucifix around her neck for a silver pentagram, and was holding a carved staff, with some cavity at the top of it.

"That's a rather easy disguise, you know Marina?" Richard said quitely.

"You were the one who gave me the idea, Richard," the dark-haired wizard said with a small smirk. "And a good one actually. And you can talk, with your DORKS."

"I couldn't find the right clothes, and... I don't think I'd have any chances of making something myself."

"Yeah. let's see if we can meet someone interesting".

Without further ado, the two of them splitted up, Richard wandering around while Marina went to the bar.

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