Subject: Jenni nodded acceptance at Tom, then chuckled drily at Thoth's "upset people" remark.
Posted on: 2017-10-30 19:18:26 UTC

"Boy, that's an understatement." She felt it better to leave unsaid that she would personally smack down anyone intruding into her friends' minds on her watch, but she kept a discreet eye on Thoth. She was even in the right costume for defending people from dangerous metahumans and aliens. How convenient.

"Dude, didn't anyone tell you not to say creepy stuff about forcible extraction, either?" Gall asked, more amused than alarmed. "You can just ask. Most people won't explode if they tell you." She gave Tom a flat, skeptical look, letting him know she hadn't forgotten his weird remark, either. "Fer instance, I'm from the How to Train Your Dragon 'verse. Three guesses what we spend most of our time on these days. First two don't count."

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