Subject: Gall considered the implications of this.
Posted on: 2017-10-29 12:48:55 UTC

"This sounds like one of those stories where the gods offer you something awesome, but then screw you when your back's turned," she said, looking Thoth up and down. "See, the way I figure, there's three things that make life worth living, and that's drinking, fighting, and fu—"

Derik finished his third drink and let off a resonant belch. He didn't look sorry about it, either.

Gall went on: "So what I'm wondering is, to be the best at one, did you have to give up both the other two?"

(( This is something I wonder about myself. As far as I can tell, the answer is yes? Which I reckon is probably for the best, all things considered!

(( I wondered whether Bleeprin would work on these guys, too, but you answered that for me. My guess was that Bleeprin works because you want it to anyway, so as long as he thinks it works, it does. Bleepmjød is good, too. ))

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