Subject: Derik gave an undignified yelp and attempted to leap to his feet and face the newcomer.
Posted on: 2017-11-10 06:03:39 UTC

What actually happened was that one foot went out from under him so that he keeled to the right, caromed off Thoth, spilled water on himself, and landed on his ass. But at least he was facing Charlotte now.

Gall burst out laughing.

Derik blinked and massaged his right hand. He'd banged his knuckles again, because of course he had, and it bloody hurt. "Sorry. Didn't catch that," he growled.


Jenni shared Ix's trepidation, if not quite horror. At the commotion, though, she winced hard. "Ooh. I'd better go referee." She trotted back over.

(( Yay for un-splitting the party! ))

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