Subject: Two men entered.
Posted on: 2017-10-22 21:03:55 UTC

...Although perhaps calling an 8-foot-tall bioengineered supersoldier a "man" is a bit misleading.

"Remind me, again, how I allowed myself to be convinced to do this," said Thoth. His helmet was off, as usual, revealing a pale face and, surprisingly, a long beard. "It will take an eternity to strip this coat of paint from my armor, and growing this beard was... an unwise decision."

Tom grinned, taking a swig of Coke. "You're the one who can read minds. I just thought it would be funny. Which it is. Maybe you have more of a sense of humor than you say you do."

Thoth's face darkened. "Had you been there, you would perhaps not think it so funny. However, I allowed myself to be convinced: Perhaps you have a point. I shall reflect upon it after the end of this... ceremony."

Tom frowned, adjusting his costume - red robes, the Mechanicum symbol, and a frankly excessive number of prosthetics. "Thoth, I am sorry for your loss. If it helps... don't think of this as a ceremony. Think of it as an opportunity to mock your greatest enemies and longstanding rivals.'

The edges of Thoth's lips twitched upwards, forming the beginnings of a smile. "Once again, you make a good point." He adjusted the fur cloak hung over his armour, making visible the wolf icon inscribed on his pauldron, which was now grey-blue and yellow in contrast with its usual bright blue and gold. "Drinking contest, anyone?"

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