Subject: Thoth took his fourth glass
Posted on: 2017-10-29 13:27:44 UTC

"Thanks to mjød, we did not have to give up two of them," he said. "Not that I ever drank anything but wine before coming here. It was still a worthwhile trade." Thoth's cheeks were slightly redder, but other than that, he seemed to be entirely functional.

"As for the third... the hypno-doctrination took care of that. The requisite equipment is still there, but the urges have been... largely repressed. They no longer serve any function."

((Bleeprin would not work on Space Marines for the same reasons alcohol doesn't. It's a toxin, and most toxins don't work properly on Space Marines.

Fun fact: most Space Marines have variable skin tone, the two exceptions of the original 20 18 legions being the Raven Guard and the Salamanders. So if a fic ever talks about a Space Marine with a tan on an ice world, it's technically a minor canon violation. Though I usually don't care, unless the fic has other problems, like, to pick a COMPLETELY RANDOM example, the Sons and the Wolves doing entirely the wrong sort of unspeakable things to one another (No, I'm not still upset about that fic, why do you ask?).

If you want to know more about Astartes biology, 1d4's page is my preferred resource (standard disclaimer, 1d4chan is the wiki of /tg/, and while /tg/ is among the most decent 4chan boards, it is still a 4chan board. Expect gratuitous swearing and occaisional NSFW bits around the site, as well as some FANTASTIC bits of fanfic).))

((As for Astartes sexuality... hoo boy. This is where we run straight in to GW's "Assassin's Order" canon policy ("everything is canon, nothing is true"). BL writers (who I tend to favor over codices for lore, because it seems like the good ones care a lot more) seem to be split on how effective hypo-doctrination IS. Because if it was as effective as the game says it is, things would be boring. So it's commonly agreed that Space Marines CAN, for example, feel fear (contrary to game fluff) - it's just repressed. But sexual desire... well, Emperor's Children, to get the elephant in the room out of the way, but other than that, the jury's out on whether it's entirely nonexistant or merely deeply repressed. Or even if the requisite equipment can function.

The interpretation Mikel and I subscribe to is that it is there, and the equipment does more or less function (no clue if conception's possible: I'd say no), but it is deeply repressed. This is substantiated by several novels, most notably the Ragnar Blackmane series that serves as the mainline of Space Wolf novels (which I should REALLY read at some point). OTOH, there's also evidence to contrary. So...))

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