Subject: Gall grinned and filled her lungs.
Posted on: 2017-10-26 20:58:29 UTC

"Oh, no," Derik muttered.

She burst into song:

Drinking mead in the halls of Whiterun
The maidens and the men!

"Gall, please, not this," Derik groaned, but she ignored him.

We swig our brew
Until we spew
Then we fill our mugs again!

You can keep your filthy Skooma
It makes our bellies bleed
Cause when we raise our flagon
To another dead dragon
There is just one drink we need...


This was by way of being her answer to the question. Having not the slightest notion of what she was actually asking for, she held out a hand and beckoned eagerly. "Bring it on!"

"You know I hate that song," growled Derik, ex-dragonrider of Pern. If looks could kill, Gall was lucky his expression was partially masked.

"Yeah, but you're gonna drown your sorrows in booze anyway." She turned back to Thoth. "Come on, jötunn, show me what you got." She winked.

(( "NORD MEAD" by Miracle of Sound. I was hoping for an excuse to drop that. It's awesome. So are their other Skyrim songs.

(( Tom and/or Thoth may feel free to assume that Gall is merely stupid, not suicidal, and hand her something normal. But I'm perfectly willing to send her to Medical to get her stomach pumped, too. I recently read Prospero Burns; I know what toxic jet fuel the Vlka Fenryka drink. {= D ))

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