Subject: Jenni nodded. "For is it not written, 'I need my pain'? Kirk, James T., Star Trek V."
Posted on: 2017-10-31 02:01:17 UTC

She glanced down at Derik, who'd sagged in his seat and turned away to stare into the middle distance. Pressing her lips together, she resolved to speak further. "On the other hand, Sybok had a point about dragging it out into the light. What you need to know about Pern," she said, returning to the point, "is that the dragonriders have an indelible telepathic bond with their dragons from the moment of Impression at the dragon's hatching until death. A total sharing of the psyche—a constant companion who knows the depths of your soul and loves you unconditionally. There's nothing else like it. Nothing comes close." Tears welled in her eyes, and she blinked them away. "If that bond is broken, it shatters you. Riders rarely survive the death of their dragon, and even if they do, they're never whole again."

"Then there's the whole freaky Phantom of the Opera thing," Gall added, swiping a couple of chocolate-covered pretzels, decorated like bats, and crunching loudly. "Don't forget that."

(( One of Gall's jobs as the insensitive jerk character is to keep everyone from wallowing in angst too much. {= )

(( DroP IS good, but more for the worldbuilding than the actual writing, in my more informed mature-adult* opinion. Characterization is not McCaffrey's strong suit. But I love Pern, and if you can get past the occasional cringiness of the text, it's an awesome series. ... Well, up until Skies of Pern, anyway.

(( *Hahaha, mature adult. Pffff. {X D ))

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