Subject: Before Derik could reply...
Posted on: 2017-10-30 13:52:05 UTC

He was distracted by the arrival of a newcomer in a dark blue S.H.I.E.L.D. jumpsuit. She'd taken advantage of Tom's slipstream to make her way to them through the crowd. "Is everything all right over here?" she said, taking in the scene with a pair of concerned green eyes. "I thought I heard—oh, Derik. Again?"

"Jenni!" Derik's expression had lit in recognition, but just as quickly collapsed back into the intense concentration it was now taking to string words together. "Thoth. Tom. This is Jenni—Nurse Robinson. She recruited me, but it's not her fault. What happened, it's not her fault. I have given it a lot of thought, and it was the Suvians, not her. She's good. She understands what it's like, and she's the only one who does, because she's been there. Sort of." He looked to Jenni. "You tell him."

Jenni, looking mortified with guilt no matter what Derik said, shook her head. "Derik, why don't you let go of this fellow and come with me for a minute?" She evaluated him again. "... You're clinging for dear life, aren't you? Can you walk on your own?"

"Ah." Derik looked down at himself, considering. "No, I don't think so. Sorry," he said to Thoth, swaying as he tilted his head up.

Jenni sighed and turned to Tom. "Make yourself useful and find a chair, would you?"

(( Long one, sorry. But I'm actually trying not to end the RP just yet, because I'm having fun. {= ) You're doing fine, too. It's a little tricky for me to get a read on what Thoth is feeling based just on his speech, because he's so formal, but that's okay. What does confuse me a bit is that I'd expected a seeker after knowledge to be more curious about people from other worlds, so I was trying to draw him to ask questions about my guys, but perhaps he's disciplined against prying?

(( In any case, I'd like to continue in my efforts to push his buttons for my own (and hopefully your) amusement, so I'm throwing Jenni at him. I don't know how psychic he is without actively trying to be, but if he's got any kind of passive sense of auras or energies or whatnot, he's probably going to notice she's not quite what she appears to be, and since the closest 40K analogue to what she actually is is probably a Warp demon... Well, I'm hoping he notices. {= D But only if it's in character for him, of course. ))

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