Subject: Derik looked around at their solemn faces in consternation.
Posted on: 2017-11-06 14:16:45 UTC

He had rather warmed to his performance as it went on, and this was not the reaction he'd hoped for. "What...? No, you've missed the point. That was the good part."

Jenni had to laugh, a small, contained chuckle. "Oh, Derik. What about the part after that, where you battled your way back to FicPsych, terrified poor Elms, and proceeded to muscle your way through a heavy dose of fellis juice in order to help us fight off the Mary Sue invasion?"

"You shouldn't have dosed me," he muttered mulishly.

"You were falling-down exhausted and shouldn't have been moving, let alone running around fighting Sues! He did, though," she told the others. "I wasn't there—I thought I'd left him safely asleep and had gone to help in Medical—but I'm told it was impressive."

"Right! It was!" Derik held up his cup to her. "So please stop pitying me, for the Egg's sake!"

(( You can pity him if you want. He's still a hot mess. {= ) BTW, all the events he's told of were originally written in this mission and this story, if you wanna get the details. It was fun retelling it all as Derik, though, so thank you for indulging me. ˆ_ˆ ))

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