Subject: Ix's face went red behind her mask.
Posted on: 2017-10-26 18:56:38 UTC

"I, er, thank you," she said. "But I'm not an Auror, I'm really not—"

"Don't be so modest!" Charlotte said to Ix. "Look, you go brag about yourself to Matt for a bit, I'm gonna talk to Izzy." She stepped around Matt to do just that. "I don't think the Flowers would like me doing that, since I'm not supposed to be eating fellow agents," she said. "But it would be really neat to find out—the only problem is, I've been off human blood for years now, and if I went back, bad things could happen. Makes it harder to keep control when someone gets hurt, you know?"

Ix turned to Matt, face still red. "Uh... I'm not really good at bragging, sorry."

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