Subject: "Of course those two would get along."
Posted on: 2017-10-26 19:24:59 UTC

Matt chuckled, looking at Charlotte and Izzy.

"Look... Ix, was it? Yeesh, that's a bit hard to pronounce smoothly, sorry." He cleared his throat. "Look, Ix, in my book you're as much an auror as Mad-Eye was. Charlotte said you only missed graduation? You've done the training part and that. is. awesome." He pointed out the last three words by tapping the air with his finger. "So why not skip the bragging, if that's not your thing, and tell me a little bit about the training itself?"


"You know you're talking to a girl that can break the speed of sound in her pajamas?" Izzy grinned, as her conversation with Charlotte developed. "I can prooobably restrain you before you move one foot to hurt anyone... no offense, I'm sure you have it in you to not actually do that, but... y-you know, I think we've got the issue of safety covered."

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