Subject: An exceedingly tall, excruciatingly thin figure stood ominously in the back of the room.
Posted on: 2017-10-22 19:02:47 UTC

Silhouetted against the suffused orange light of the pumpkin speaker, his masked eyes scanned the patrons, noting what each of them was wearing, how far they'd gone toward screen accuracy, what they were eating, how they were acting around the other patrons, and a multitude of other details, including where anyone could be hiding, others who kept to the back like himself, where the exits were and possible obstacles in an emergency.

"Hey, Zero," said Jack, clad in the green fatigues and black tactical jacket of Stargate Command, looking over at the Detective's theatrically-caped figure, "Maybe you'd have more fun if you stopped brooding in the corner like a sulky teenager."

"I only want to know who's in attendance and how to get out of here if I have to," said the Detective patiently, "After that, I'll talk to anyone you want me to."

"Or maybe talk to anyone you want to? It's a party-- you've gotta learn when to relax," said Jack, stepping beside him and taking a sip of the ice cold apple cider behind the unmoving Detective.

"Give me a few minutes, and I'll join you," he promised, pressing a button at the back of the mask so that the carefully crafted back pieces slid up into the transparent faceplate and cleared the helmet for removal. He messed his now dampened and scruffy hair up off his forehead and offered a small smile of reassurance to his partner.

Jack nodded, and left to go and mingle among the guests, and the Detective replaced his mask behind him.

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