Subject: Derik snorted. "It's not combat."
Posted on: 2017-11-09 14:45:03 UTC

"Yes, it is!" Gall said.

"It's a game," Derik went on, ignoring her, "and there are rules. You play in a pitch-dark corridor and hit a light-up ball back and forth until one team can't continue. No magic or powers, no weapons but padded bats."

"And no protection unless you're a wuss."

"Unless it's for other players' protection. We don't actually want to seriously injure anyone."

Gall grinned. "Just to the point where they cry for mercy. If they're still conscious."

"But it isn't supposed to be a brawl, which you always 'forget'." He looked up at Thoth. "I'm not saying you wouldn't be an asset, but someone has to worry about safety! And that's for our own team, too. It all gets very mixed up in the dark. If I had your word it would be all right, perhaps...?"


Jenni blinked, not particularly thrilled at being balked twice in one evening, but shook it off with a subtle shift of posture. "Oh, that's good," she said. "Go on, then." She indicated that Ix should proceed with her healing. As long as it got done, she supposed.

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