Subject: Jenni shot Tom a warning look.
Posted on: 2017-11-08 15:13:56 UTC

His excitable energy, well-meaning though it was, was reason number one she'd wanted to step away, and he had not been invited along.

"Yes, thank you," she said curtly. "A moment, please?" She pointed him back to the others.

With a perimeter firmly established, Jenni calmed her own feelings and addressed Ix again. "He's not wrong," she said. "But first things first: where are you hurt?"


With the others out of earshot, Gall shrugged, stuck her mace back in its belt loop, brushed her hands off on her trousers, and sat back on the chair. "So, Jötun, we're cool, right? You know I was just messing around. Didn't think you take me seriously. I mean, come on!"

"Do I detect the meagerest hint of an apology?" Derik muttered dryly. He gave in to gravity at this point and plopped down on the floor beside Thoth. Much easier.

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