Subject: "Good." Gall grinned, amused.
Posted on: 2017-11-09 02:15:35 UTC

"Cuz I was thinking about inviting you to join our Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich team, but—"

Derik, who had settled into the amiable state of drunkenness he'd shot through earlier, barked a laugh. "That is a horrible idea! No offense, brother—rather the opposite—but it hardly seems fair."

"So? No rule says the teams have to be fair. Blast Hardcheese got killed last season, and I don't want a repeat. Even the Physical Therapy nerds kicked our asses thanks to their precog and your totally divided loyalties."

Derik shook his head. "No, I keep telling you, Bjørnsen's useless in Headquarters. And my loyalties are perfectly intact!"

"Whatever. All I'm saying is that if Nevermind can have a kender, we ought to be able to have a giant. I hate playing those guys; half the time we can't even find the stupid ball cuz it's 'fallen into his pocket' again."

"Now, you know Earwig can't help that. Anyway, we've got Suicide. He's, what, eleven percent cyborg? And arguably crazier than I am."

"Yeah, but he's sweet on Green-eyes over there, so he doesn't want to bust up her friends. You both suck when we're against PT, so we need some muscle who's willing to do the damn job. Look at this guy." She gestured at Thoth. "We could just have him stand in front of us and let the other guys knock themselves out trying to get through!"

(( Sorry for running long, but this argument has been playing in my head all day. >_>; ))


"No, I'm not upset with you," Jenni said. "No one is. Gall's happy to have her mace back, and I agreed with you jumping in. I only did myself because I thought it was safest if things did escalate any further. Fortunately, they didn't." She smiled. "Now... are you going to be stubborn like 'GL' over there, or are you going to let me have a look at you?"

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