Subject: Derik also chugged drink five in a hurry.
Posted on: 2017-10-29 22:44:16 UTC

Though for him it was actually five plus one, and the world was starting to feel decidedly fuzzy around the edges.

Gall folded her arms. "Well, can you put me in touch with that guy, then? Thor's beard, why are all the really buff dudes around here either taken or too messed up to appreciate what's in front of them?" Here she shot a resentful glare at Derik.

He slammed the latest glass down slightly harder than was rational. "You try being enthralled to a Mary Sue and losing everything that mattered, then see how you feel," he growled, then shook himself and turned to the other two. "Sorry. She does this on purpose. No empathy, this one, none at all. Knowledge is good," he went on, "knowledge is vastly preferable to ignorance, but without the wisdom to use it as it ought, that's how we end up in these situations." He waved a hand, indicating Headquarters and everyone in it.

(( Aaand the downhill slide begins in earnest. {= D ))

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