Subject: Three more Nursery kids . . .
Posted on: 2017-10-24 20:29:25 UTC

"What a like zallky vecher! Starry shoots can't do the Hallows proper."

Anne, dressed in khakis, sandals, and pith helmet, blinked. "I'm pretty sure I agree . . . You said grown-ups suck at parties, right?"

Harry nodded and glowered, which accented the angry expression of his evil clown makeup in a frightening way. "A vecher ought to be all gromky and grahzny. Not just like jabberjaw and paper dooks. Back in the old globe, I would see gullivers getting cracked in and cables all a-razrez." He savagely mimed a cutting motion.

Anne looked away, wide-eyed. "Then again, grown-up parties do have some charms."

"Humph! Hardly. Halloween is defined by the Kids Next Door as a kids-only holiday. " Numbuh 3721 crossed her arms. She wore the traditional battle helmet of the KND, composed of kitchenware. "This overt takeover by adults is nothing more than a flagrant attempt on our candy intake, thinly disguised as an excuse to have boring chatter with each other."

The three kids stood for an awkward moment.

"Of course," said Anne, "we're just standing here talking, too."

They stood for another, much more awkward, moment.

"True enough," admitted Harry.

Numbuh 3721 pointed dramatically at the long table of sweets. "Kids Next Door: candy station!"

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