Subject: "Eh." Gall tilted her hand, so-so.
Posted on: 2017-11-06 19:48:27 UTC

"Less good, more brute strength and bloody-mindedness. When you can swing a twenty-pound sledgehammer like this guy, you don't really have to be good. Now, me, on the other hand..." She got up and hefted her mace, which she'd kept on her belt because it fit her costume and no amount of good sense could talk her into leaving it behind. "If me and Fellrazer had been there, we'd have wasted them!" She gave the mace a half-speed swing to demonstrate.

"Stop that, you barbarian!" Derik snapped at her. "You'll hit someone!"

Jenni edged further away from Gall and toward Ix. "May I suggest a couple of deep breaths? You're all right." She reached out to pat the kid on the shoulder.

(( Giving Ix the chance to flinch or roll with it there. ))

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