Subject: Harry snorted at Peregrin.
Posted on: 2017-10-26 13:40:12 UTC

"Sure, I'll take you to skolliwoll. Only you'll need to supply the raw eggs, the calmaga, and the firecrackers."

"Hm." Numbuh 3721 stroked her chin. "I'm torn, actually. A world with no Halloween . . . this sad fellow has grown up lacking a critical childhood experience. Perhaps it would be correct for us to . . . make up for the lost time, as one might say?"

Harry shrugged. "Long as it involves like side-eight sladkies, I'm for it."

Anne smiled at Ami. "Very nice costume idea! I'm Anne." She turned an airy, emotionless expression on Chris. "Well, we're from the Nursery. Originally, I come from Goosebumps. Numbuh 3721 is former Kids Next Door, and she's wearing her old battle suit. Harry's from A Clockwork Orange, but he didn't dress from his home world. Some of us just snuck in to that new R-rated It movie. Harry liked it quite a bit."

(Sorry for long response times; in retrospect, a character who speaks Nadsat was a terrible, terrible idea altogether.)

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