Subject: "... Wait a minute."
Posted on: 2017-11-03 03:44:14 UTC

Derik shook his head as though unsure if he were seeing clearly. Alas, his vision was not the problem. A bit of his right brain had been kicking him for the last few minutes, and he finally understood why. He knew this person. They just hadn't met in person before. She was shy, or so he'd been led to believe.

A random stranger turning up in a Phantom mask? Fine. The universe hated him. Hilarious.

Someone he knew and aspired to mentor, turning up in a Phantom mask, and seeing him like this? He wasn't sure if he felt more betrayed or more ashamed.

He tried vainly to sit up straighter and school his affect to respectability, but he couldn't quite keep a petulant note of accusation from his voice: "Ix? What are you doing here?" He wondered if another drink would be entirely out of the question.

(( Re. bromance, because I forgot to respond to that earlier and I don't want to leave Thoth out entirely while these two have a moment: There are probably as many definitions of bromance as the number of people you ask, but I think it's any platonic yet very close relationship between two guys? It might apply more to comedy situations where the relationship is teased as being not platonic, like JD and Turk on Scrubs, or Shawn and Gus on Psych, but I dunno.

(( Any way you slice it, I'm digging the idea of Derik and Agent!Thoth bonding and being friends. The parallels between them are weird, unexpected, and cool. I hope it survives sobriety. {= ) ))

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