Subject: Gall followed Tom's lead, muttering, "Jeez, it was a rhetorical question..."
Posted on: 2017-10-30 00:36:21 UTC

Faced with drink six plus one and rapidly taking up the previous ones, Derik groggily weighed the merits of his options and decided, based on experience, that he'd reached the limits of his tolerance, so there was no point in risking death on something as stupid as this contest. Instead, he lurched forward and put a clutching hand on Thoth's vambrace. All dragonriders had some latent empathic Talent, and Derik's was enough to widen the scope of his anger to encompass them both.

"I think we're the same," he said. "Or similar. The universe is cruel—it takes everything, and it makes you keep going anyway, even when you're not sure who you are anymore, or what's the point. We should talk... sometime we're not both extremely drunk. Or when I'm not. I don't know about you. Oh, by the way, you win." He nodded solemnly and belched some more. "And I will never drink anything pumpkin spice again, because it is vile when it repeats on you."

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