Subject: Ami pawed at the floor. "Well, technically Nightmare Moon was never our princess..."
Posted on: 2017-11-01 02:03:48 UTC

"But that's a long story. Luna herself was really offended the first time she saw a Nightmare Night party; it didn't help that every time she tried to fit in she just scared the townsponies even more. But she's come around to the idea now. Also, what are 'lewdies'?"

"Yeah, you've been using a lot of weird words this whole time, Joker Jr.," Chris cut in. "What's the deal?"

Ami dropped her Epona illusion long enough to give Chris a firm magical dope-slap.

"Ow! Let me rephrase that so Ami doesn't smack me again; what flavor of English do you speak?"

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