Subject: "You didn't have to answer that," Derik said.
Posted on: 2017-10-29 18:28:52 UTC

He, too, was sporting a flush by now, which made the pale scars on his right cheek stand out even more. He shook his head and chuckled at his partner's aghast expression. "It isn't as though it could have worked out either way, you know." He held up one hand at Gall's head-height, then raised his arm as far as it would go to indicate Thoth's.

"Oh yeah?" Gall stuck out her right arm. On her wrist, she wore a device that looked a bit like a watch, but had a curious ring around the outside of the face.

Derik blinked, then groaned in comprehension and checked himself out of explaining by finally drinking his fourth ale.

"See," said Gall, "I got this handy bit of tech that lets me shrink my dragon so he fits in the RC. But it works the other way, too." She waggled her eyebrows. "So, jötunn, if you ever wanna get un-repressed, I'm your girl."

"I'll have the next drink quickly, please," Derik said grimly to Tom. He cast Thoth a baleful look through his one functioning eye. "You don't agree with her, though, do you? Those things are not what makes life worthwhile. It's duty, loyalty, joy... and if all else fails, just duty."

(( I haven't settled on what sort of drunk I think Derik is, but it looks like "voluble" is gonna be part of it. {= P

(( But uh, yeah, I started off thinking Gall was more or less just being ridiculous for the sake of riling people up (not that she was succeeding; Thoth seems to be a rather phlegmatic sort)—but then I remembered Fellrazer's collar and realized it's actually plausible from her end. {X D She's still mostly playing, but what with all the most powerful guys in HtTYD!Viking culture being ridiculously huge, there's a little part of her brain going "just imagine the status that would come from pairing with a guy like this!" and "think of the looks on people's faces if I told them; hilarious!"

(( I'd tend to agree that an Astartes' reproductive capability is probably nuked as a side effect all the physical and chemical processes done to them, if not deliberately. It wouldn't do to have your supersoldiers distracted by family ties, assuming anyone would or could successfully partner with them. Regarding the Emperor's Children, from what Phobos tells me, it's implied that they're into just about everything, and outright stated that the humans with them definitely are, but it's not outright stated about the Astartes, at least not in the books he's read so far. Is it actually spelled out somewhere?

(( ... I like biology. I think about these things. >.>; ))

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