Subject: Derik happened to look her way.
Posted on: 2017-11-02 17:30:33 UTC

He took in the cape, the rose, the white half-mask on the wrong side. For a moment, his frazzled limbic system tried to react in every conceivable way at once, and he sat still with his face contorting in a muddle of expressions. Then he gave in to the absurdity of his existence and laughed. It went on for a while, strident and hair-raising, and abruptly trailed off into a rich chuckle. "Oh, this is perfect! An admirer of Himself! Come on, then, you'll want to hear this, too." He waved her into the circle.

"Wow. Your timing sucks," Gall observed with something like admiration.

(( Agent Ix, I'm so sorry that we're so mean.

(( Re. "get a room," Gall's just bitter because the attractive guys are paying more attention to each other than to her. I think what's really happening sounds something like this. And it's a beautiful thing. I've never written a bromance before. ˆ_ˆ ))

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