Subject: "Good." Jenni nodded approvingly.
Posted on: 2017-11-07 17:28:11 UTC

"And don't worry, the only authority I have is 'moral', and even there I've got people who'd argue the point... or would have."

Derik was relieved, too, and felt happier taking his new friend's part. "It's all right, mate. The wretch had the lesson coming—and look, all's well."

Meanwhile, Gall took her mace tentatively from Ix, somewhat shocked at getting it back in one piece so suddenly. "Huh. Thanks, Bucktooth. You're all right." She slapped Ix bracingly on the shoulder and made to slide the mace back into its loop on her belt, and her hand encountered a stickiness on the haft. "Oi, what...? Hey, did you cut yourself or something?"

A shadow has passed over Jenni's face, but just as quickly lifted, and she turned around, concerned. "Ix?"

(( And now I dash out the door. Might be able to sneak something in around 2:30-3:00 CST, but otherwise, I'll check in again this evening. ))

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