Subject: Jenni watched anxiously over her shoulder as the scene played out.
Posted on: 2017-11-01 15:03:26 UTC

At Alex's touch, Derik jerked and likely would have lashed out at the boy whose every aspect seemed calculated to mock him, but then Thoth was at his back, deep voice rumbling in his ears and his bones. He went still.

Gall took the opportunity to wrench his hand away and step back, glaring. "Do that to me again and I will kick your Spandexed butt, got it?"

Derik shuddered, his muscles shedding their combative tension, and straightened up—well, more or less. He reeled backward, and was rather grateful for support at that moment. "I—I apologize, everyone. I shouldn't—it's not his fault." He gestured vaguely at Alex. "It's not your fault." And at Gall. "Most of all, not the little cousin's fault. I'm sorry." He hid his face behind one hand.

Surprised and relieved not to be the one controlling the situation for a change, Jenni had done her best to keep Zeke calm throughout. Now she felt up for responding to Tom's interest. "He's a Pernese fire-lizard," she explained. "Genetic forebears of the dragons. Zeke's two, so he's fully mature, or just about."

(( Space Marines do have really deep voices, right? ))

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