Subject: Numbuh 3721 began her story.
Posted on: 2017-10-28 12:44:23 UTC

"Halloween began in the days of the second alliance between children and adults. It seemed a successful partnership at first, with chore duties shared, and children once again had access to Earth's many environments they hadn't been able to enjoy during their exile on the moon.

"The peace, of course, couldn't last. When adults built the brainwashing institutions called 'schools,' children began to rebel against the tedium of the school day and the time wasted on homework. On cool, dark nights in autumn, small groups of children would put on disguises and cause mischief for adults. Most kids didn't want to terrorize the parents assigned to their family units they had come to know and love, but would sneak around to the houses of neighboring adults.

"At first, the children only wore frightening disguises, terrorizing the adults into giving them food and other treats to make the kids go away. Soon, though, the adults learned what was happening, and were no longer frightened. Then, the kids changed tactics, using one to ring the front doorbell and distract the adults through talking while the rest of the group infiltrated the home and took what they want. Eventually, the adults learned it was easier to keep a bowl of candy near the door, always ready to bribe any children at the door to go away so they could stay inside and guard from intrusion—they had come recognize that their choice was a treat, or be tricked.

"After many decades, "trick-or-treating" had become a tradition among kid culture, with a special day set aside for its observance. Adults eventually forgot its true origins, and began to celebrate it in their own, curious way, with terribly uninteresting parties without enough candy. But we children still remember the truth behind the so-called 'holiday:' a period of rebellion and empowerment against the rigid structuralism that adults impose upon us all year long."

Harry stared at her with an open mouth for a moment. Then, he turned to Peregrin and said, "Really, it's just an excuse to knock things over and crast stuff with your droogs."

((Actually, as far as I can tell through memory and research, the Kids Next Door don't seem to attach much importance to Halloween. Call this a fringe theory, call 3721 an AU character, whatever works.))

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