Subject: For a fraction of a moment, Gall's brazen facade cracked.
Posted on: 2017-10-27 16:23:41 UTC

She held up her glass and swirled the dark, viscous fluid—more like petroleum or blood than beer or ale—around the bottom. The substance had a strong, chemical reek that made her cough, but she turned the reaction into a noise of derision. "You call this muck mead, do you? When this is over, I'll introduce you to the real thing."

"Gall..." Derik's sense of caution broke through his anger. "Maybe you shouldn't—"

"Shut up, Derik," she snapped. She was committed, and there was no backing out now. With a deep breath to fortify herself, she locked eyes with Thoth and knocked back the whole shot.

It was fortunate that HQ was governed primarily by the Laws of Narrative Comedy, and by that token, what happened next was completely predictable: Gall shuddered and tried valiantly to hold on, but her stomach was smarter than she was. She convulsed, retched, and spewed the noxious brew right back up again, saving herself from committing suicide by stupidity. It was quite unfortunate to be standing in front of her.

Derik shook his head and patted her on the back while she hacked up the last drops of mjød. "On second thought, some fights aren't worth fighting. I'll stick to pumpkin spice ale."

(( If the Comedic Laws are in full force, Thoth will need to go clean his armor, but that's up to your discretion. {= D

(( And yes, I've read approximately two and a half Horus Heresy books now: Prospero Burns, A Thousand Sons, and the first few short stories in Tales of Heresy. I'm an extreme noob, but Phobos has been reading these books for a while now, and he finally talked me into starting. I'm afraid we're a Wolves household through and through, but I do feel sorry for Magnus and the Thousand Sons.

(( As for Ahriman, I don't get him. Half the time I thought he was the one with the most common sense of the lot, but the other half he was making the same dumb mistakes as everyone else, and from the fanart I've looked at, he seems to go full-on Dark Lord down the line. What on earth made him think making the same mistakes as Magnus was a good idea when he'd lived through the consequences, eh? ))

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