Subject: Derik nodded back. "Right. No, you're right."
Posted on: 2017-11-03 13:35:54 UTC

Shame had won out. He raked his fingers up through his hair, which had been gelled down for the occasion, and thus he succeeded only in making himself look even more disheveled. "I am being very self-indulgent, Ix," he said with the profound solemnity of the very drunk. "Very selfish. I—I didn't want you to know me like this." He fidgeted, growing agitated again, and mumbled: "I should, um... I need the necessary." He got to his feet, swayed, and put out a forbidding arm. "Nobody help me. I'll go. You stay." He staggered off into the crowd.

Jenni shifted anxiously on her feet. "I'll go after him. I'm sure it's fine, but... I'll go after him."

Gall looked around, shrugged, and took Derik's chair. She leaned forward and looked up challengingly up at Ix. "So how do you know my partner?"

(( Well, it had to happen at some point after seven drinks. Honestly, now that we've started this scenario, I'm struggling to know what to do with it. So, buying Derik some time to flip into a more conducive mood. If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes! ))

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