Subject: Derik and Gall shared a look and each took a piece.
Posted on: 2017-10-31 20:34:35 UTC

Gall broke hers open and made a revolted face at the gooey, neon green innards. "Ugh, it looks like Fellrazer's poop."

Her being her, she didn't hesitate to put it in her mouth anyway. Derik was right behind her, and they reacted with near-identical sour faces.

"It's so sweet... gack." Derik coughed on the acidic lime fumes in his throat. "Why?"

Gall laughed. "Oh, gods, what is this even supposed to be? It's so gross! Forget what I said earlier; you have to try this." She thrust a greenish fritter at Tom.

Despite being momentarily distracted by the others' antics, Jenni had kept most of her attention on Thoth, and now she spoke up. "Do you still worry about... the flesh-change?" It was a term she was uncomfortable having on her tongue, evoking nightmarish Akira-esque images even without context. She knew the power of names, and agreed that this was one best invoked as little as possible. Yet she had to ask. "Are you afraid that could still happen to you?" This was a two-pronged concern: one for the man himself, one for everyone around him.

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