Subject: "Oh." Gall made a digusted face. "I am disappoint. Way to oversell it."
Posted on: 2017-11-04 16:58:13 UTC


"Will you at least let me wrap up your hand?"

"No. I want to be able to bang it against something if I need another dose."

Jenni shook her head. She wasn't sure if he was quoting House on purpose or not, but it didn't matter. She contented herself with fending him off from running into anyone on the way back and detouring to the drinks table for a big cup of water. "Here. I heard your voice cracking."

Derik glanced down at the cup and gave her a skeptical look. "You'd have a harper wet his throat with plain water? The Master would be appalled."

She flinched. "Hey! Invoking Robinton is below the belt. And you'd better start hydrating anyway, or you'll be a worse mess tomorrow. Unless you want the hangover."

He sighed, resigned. "No."

And so they made their way back.

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