Subject: Tom sighed
Posted on: 2017-10-27 19:50:34 UTC

"It's ale, you know. Not mead. Not that it makes much of a difference with that stuff. Just be glad you hacked it up: I don't have any Klatchian Coffee handy." He produced some rags. "That's for your mouth. Here, Thoth, take a few to wipe off your armor with. And don't try to burn it off or anything: the smell will get everwhere."

He turned to Derik. "Sorry about that. Anyways, I think I saw some of the spice ale at the table..." He went off and grabbed a glass. "There you go."

Thoth frowned at Gall. "That was... an interesting decision." He had managed to wipe most of the ale off of his armor... before burning the rest. Thankfully, the smell was minimal.

((The Wolves ARE cool. But I'll always come down on the Sons side of that particular debate. Besides, I don't seem to like The Wolves as much as everybody else...))

((Now Ahriman... Ahriman is an interesting case. He's actually self-conscious enough to recognize his flaws a good deal of the time, and he's reasonably sensable, but he ultimately has the same flaws as the rest of his legion. Primarily, arrogance.

As for going full dark lord... he actually doesn't. Which is one of the cool things about him. Heck, he has no particular desire to serve Chaos at all (a trait he shares with several other named characters most people barely discuss). After the Rubric (I assume you know what happened with the Rubric), he was... distraught. And so he dedicated himself to reversing its effects. Imagine Edward Elric with absolutely no limits, nothing he won't do, and a devotion to his goal that is arguably even more fanatical. THAT is Ahriman, or at least the closest approximation I can give with a simple analogy.

DISCLAIMER: Ahriman is probably one of my favorite characters in all of 40k. Take that as you will.)

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