Subject: "I'll be fine!" Derik promised, a trifle embarrassed himself.
Posted on: 2017-11-05 20:22:23 UTC

Barring all the other excellent reasons he was no good for anyone, he was surely too old for Ix, and he suddenly regretted his choice of a skin-tight costume that might tend to attract attention to his physique. He glanced at Gall, who tended to have one of two reactions to other girls noticing him: jovial agreement or bitter enmity, with scant middle ground.

In this instance, her eyes had narrowed at Ix, but once she mentioned her girlfriend, the Viking relaxed again. She left Ix and Tom to it and turned to her partner. "So are you gonna finish the story, or what?"

(( Derik (and I) are really waiting for an invitation to go on. Or a clear sign that he/I shouldn't. As the case may be. ))

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