Subject: "Hi, Zeke!"
Posted on: 2017-11-01 01:56:23 UTC

Jenni smiled widely despite herself and held out her forearm so the little blue could perch. "Not eating too much junk tonight, I hope?" She rubbed his eye-ridges with one finger and let him feel her affection.

Following the fire-lizard's gaze, her heart sank. "Leave him be, little one," she murmured, and turned to put her body in their line of sight.

"It's fine," Derik growled, turning away himself and handing the half-full plate of snacks off to Gall. "'S time I left anyway—it's a party, after all. I've dragged it down long enough." He pushed himself up with one hand on the back of the chair, and it was a good thing, too, because he swayed on his feet and nearly collapsed as it was.

Gall snorted. "Nice try, buddy. Sit back down! Don't let an ugly, soft little runt like him—eep!"

Derik jerked her forward with his fingers down the neck of her breastplate. The snacks went flying.

The ex-rider snarled in her face, "Do not. Insult. Dragonkin. In front. Of. Me."

(( Aaand there's the dark side that's always lurking! Don't worry, I'm not gonna let any actual violence happen in this RP. If Derik's new bro wanted to intervene, though, he'd probably appreciate it later. (Or, when my turn comes around again, Gall will backpedal herself out of trouble, or Jenni will jump in. Or whatever!)

(( Oh, and Ix, let me know if I went too far with Zeke; I can always redo it. ))

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