Subject: "Hey!" Gall yelped.
Posted on: 2017-11-07 14:25:51 UTC

She looked on in horror at the ruin of her mace. "That wasn't a threat, yak-brain! You're like the one guy I literally couldn't threaten if I tried!"

Derik was taken aback, but unsure how to respond. On the one hand, Gall was attached to her weapon and was likely to mope and carry on about this until she could get Agent Brightbeard to repair it, possibly even after, and he couldn't help feeling a little sympathy for her. On the other hand, she did so richly deserve to be checked, even thus harshly. He settled for a muted "Steady, there," which might have been addressed to anyone. He did find himself awkwardly patting Thoth's pauldron, for all the effect that would have.

It was Jenni who jumped into the middle, putting out her hands and turning 'round to create a space between Gall, Thoth, and Ix. "Easy, everyone!" She then spoke to Gall: "You were asking for trouble, so hush, and keep your pointies to yourself next time." Then Thoth: "And you, you could have just taken it away, and I reckon we'd all have cheered you on. I know your universe doesn't leave much room for temperance, but work on it more, eh? You're not a child to break things in a fit of pique." She gazed steadily into his eyes, one immortal to another.

(( Hehehe. Sorry, Tom, nobody else is gonna just let that slide. Too many Neutral to Lawful Good types about.

(( FYI, I won't be able to respond as much as I have been going forward, at least not Tu, W, and F. My boss was on vacation last week, so I could have my laptop out at work without being accused of slacking off, but alas, that golden time is over. ))

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