Subject: Gall gave one last cackle. "Gall Knutson, DMS. See you've met Derik."
Posted on: 2017-11-11 16:40:31 UTC

Derik just scowled at Charlotte and turned himself around again, holding his swollen right hand to his chest.

Jenni couldn't take it anymore and knelt by his left side, one hand on his shoulder. "Would you please let me do something with that?" she murmured, sotto voce. "Or Ix? Or him, even?" She pointed her eyes at Thoth. She didn't trust the idea of 40K warp-sorcery at all—and that was the way she imagined the Astartes had meant to help—but she'd force down her own raised hackles if it got the job done.

Derik would have preferred to be left alone entirely at the moment, and only felt more humiliated by the nurse's concern for his idiotic self-injury. Shockingly, it turned out that punching a wall, even with a mirror on it, might not have been such a good idea after all, but he'd be dashed if he was going to admit it when he'd already been made to look a fool. He leaned away and growled something incoherent along the lines of "push off."

Willfully oblivious to this by-play, Gall turned back to Thoth. "So, before that hilarious interruption, I asked you a question. Got a story for us, or do you admit that I'm rocking your sad, repressed world?" She grinned at him, well aware of exactly how full of it she was.

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