Subject: "It's a fairly common term," Jenni said.
Posted on: 2017-10-30 17:33:07 UTC

She eyed Tom's phone guardedly, but forced a half-smile. "I wasn't expecting some sort of Spanish Inquisition."

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Derik slurred loudly. It was widely held that one was not a proper PPC agent until one could quote Monty Python at the drop of a hat, so he'd learned.

"Thank you, dear." Jenni patted his shoulder.

At that point, Gall returned to the group carrying a plate piled high with snacks, acting like nothing odd had happened. "So I grabbed a bunch of pretzels—oh, hey, Green-eyes—and anything else that looked bready or greasy," she told Derik. "I don't want to drag your unconscious ass back to the RC if I don't have to, so eat." She stuffed a deviled egg into her own mouth and put the plate in his lap. "You lot can get your own," she said to Tom and Thoth, though if they understood her it would be quite the feat.

(( A little background for reference: Jenni is an original character from an original universe. I dunno exactly how she'll look to Tom's device, but her natural ethereal form is sort of a cloud of energy, green-blue-brown-silver. Her physical form is real, but I guess it works similarly to how the Maiar work in Middle-earth, so it's basically like a favorite outfit for her, and she could change it if she wanted to. The only outward sign that she's not a normal human is that her gaze can be penetrating and her eyes can almost seem to flash or glow in intense moments. (A bit Suvian, I know, but it's never overt, and I like the "windows to the soul"/"the eyes don't lie" tropes.) Being an ethereal with a direct connection to the energetic underpinnings of the universe, she's also extremely psychic, but she usually keeps that under tight wraps out of politeness. God, no; phenomenal cosmic power in an itty-bitty living space, yes. To Thoth, I suspect she's an incredibly luminous presence, but tightly controlled rather than flaring out. (Derik of course is barely there at all, being merely a latent Talent in McCaffrey terms, and Gall is dull as lead.) Lemme know if I can clarify anything for you. ))

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