Subject: (( I'mma jigger the order of events just a bit so it makes sense. ))
Posted on: 2017-11-04 23:21:33 UTC

"I dunno if it was scary," Gall said, looking at Ix closely. "The weird shadow thing, though... is it a Phantom thing? Does it come with the mask and stuff? Cuz—oh, hey, One-eye. Totally not talking about your weirdness behind your back!" She grinned.

Derik rolled his eye(s).

[Ix] swallowed when the others returned to the group. "I'm sorry," she said again to Derik.

"No, I'm the one who must apologize. To everyone," he answered, looking around to include Thoth and Tom (and probably even Gall). "My behavior has been atrocious, and I can only hope for your forbearance. ... If you'll permit me, I would like to deliver the part of the tale that I promised, and then I'll go."

(( ... Doesn't Ix + Gall = Thoth's worst nightmare? Okay, maybe not worst, but... I thought it was amusing. ))

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