Subject: "Don't do that."
Posted on: 2017-10-31 15:27:14 UTC

Derik swung around to glare at Tom. "Don't be sorry." He sneered the word. "Nobody be sorry for me."

"I'm not!" Gall chirped.

Jenni shot her an angry look, but this went ignored.

"Thank you," Derik said profoundly, flourishing an arm in imitation of a bow to his partner. "That's what I like about you. You're rude, and annoying, and selfish—but you're not sorry. And you brought me food. ... What is this?" He held up something that looked like a cocktail wiener, but its sauce had somehow been turned a noxious shade of green.

"Um, I think the sign said 'Alien Guts'? Gimme one." The two of them bent over the plate.

Jenni shook her head, gave a sniff to clear her sinuses, and took a step toward Tom and Thoth. She couldn't help but observe the Astartes' withdrawn silence, and the nurse knew trauma when she saw it. Her work was never done. "Hey, big fella." She gently rapped a knuckle against the back of his armored hand. "You want a turn in the sharing circle?"

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