Subject: "I am now even more confused" admitted Peregrin.
Posted on: 2017-10-28 13:35:27 UTC

"Thank you." he said, and he meant it too.

"So, hmmm, wildly diverging accounts" Peregrin said to himself, pointing at various locations in empty space as he thought "common elements. Naming collisions? Well, possibly, but we cannot simply ... So where, where, how would, cultural segmentation? .. No, one of the accounts carries distinct histories. So, inheritance by filtering? That could be it. Yes. Yes."

He looked at the two kids he'd been talking to again. "Were your home universes partly defined in the same place, say, World One?" he asked. "No wait, that is rather technical wording. Is there, ah, a universe I could go to where I could find stories about both the canons you came from? And is Halloween a holiday there?"

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