Subject: Jenni 'pathed back acknowledgement and approval.
Posted on: 2017-11-12 18:54:39 UTC

Merging a little more deeply into Thoth's consciousness, she could feel his concentration and concern, and liked him better for it.

~The body has everything it needs to heal itself, wanting only time and energy,~ she advised, ~but it tends to go overboard if left to its own devices. The trick is to restrain as much as to encourage... like a carefully pruned topiary. Though, that said, don't let's leave any bone matrix in the shape of dolphins or unicorns or whatever.~

It was a funny image, but she withdrew it and got serious, not wishing to undo Thoth's mental preparations. She laid a hand on his, just to reinforce that she was there, ready to help and guide if necessary. "Ready, Derik?" She put her other hand on his shoulder again, completing the circuit.

He was watching them, aware that things were happening beyond his ken. With his pain dulled by numbweed, curiosity surfaced and his resentment at being ganged up on receded. He nodded. "Yes."

Jenni nodded back. ~In your own time, then.~

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